"Ruburbs & Other Spaces In Between: Land Use and Environmentalism"
Athens Institute for Contemporary Art • Athens, GA • March 31 through May 27

tree triptych

Art Title: "Tree Triptych"

Description: 3 digital prints w/paraffin and sand, mounted on wood. Individual measurements: 5.75"x5.75"x2"

Statement: Last summer I revisited a part of Jekyll Island that I had not seen in years. As a child growing up in South Georgia, I knew it as an area dramatic with windblown trees shading the picnic tables I enjoyed with family and friends. Seeing this area as it is now and seeing those windblown trees uprooted on the shore left me shocked and stunned with disbelief...yet also in awe of its magic and other-worldly beauty. The trees and the land have both found a way to survive this unique coast, in their own artful art. And thankfully the human intruder has had the respect to leave this "unnatural" natural landscape alone, allowing its art and timely situation of man versus nature to both validate and awaken. The haunting devastation and yet beauty of these trees challenges the cliches of human influence and habitation, and the overlapping intersections of use and neglect.